Fierce Tales: Savage Lands Now Available!

Millhaven Press is proud to release “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” available on Amazon now!

Five tales of heroic adventure in exotic worlds.

Inside you will find the tale of two down-on-their luck Vikings who accept a job from a wizard, despite their misgivings. Can they save an alien world from the evil clutches of a man from the future?

You will also find the tale of a Vietnam veteran who performs secret missions for the government. On his latest assignment, something goes wrong and he finds himself in a foreign world fraught with dangers beyond his wildest imagination.

Next, you will find the tale of three unlikely thieves as they set out on an adventure to find a fabled lost treasure – a treasure which may not even exist.

Then you will find yourself in the company of an elite group of Roman Legionnaires as they stumble upon the way to a foreign land. Can they make it back to tell their tale?

Last is the tale of an unnamed inter-dimensional traveler as he takes on an evil wizard in a world of arcane magic. This lyrical tale is the continuation of the saga of this mysterious traveler, which began in the music of the epic metal band, Legendry.

Stories By:

Michael Colangelo, J. Manfred Weichsel, Jeffrey L. Blehar, Misha Burnett, and D.R. Lackner

Get it on Amazon here!

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