Legendry’s Epic Metal comes to Millhaven

  In the misty forests beyond the dungeons of Evermorn

did the metal warrior wander.

Thus begins “The Wizard and the Tower Keep” by D.R. Lackner.  The story deals with an unnamed warrior encountering a great ancient city, ruled over by an evil wizard from the top of a spiral tower.  The entire tale can be found in the forthcoming heroic fantasy anthology, “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” (Due out November 1, 2019).  This story, however, is not the first appearance by the unnamed traveler.

He first appeared in the work of the band, Legendry in 2016.  Before we delve deeper into the past adventures of the character, we should take a step back and look in to the band which brought our hero into creation.  Legendry describes their style and aspirations better than I ever could, so I will let them do so, “From a metal age undreamed of, comes forth LEGENDRY: an epic heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, PA that carries on in the tradition of Manilla Road, Omen, and Cirith Ungol, with a nod to the 70s prog sounds of Wishbone Ash, Yes, and Jethro Tull. All lyrical topics involve the epic works of Robert E. Howard, original tales of fantasy, and medieval history. Hear now the days of high adventure!” (from their bandcamp page).

Legendry - Dungeon Crawler (Painting Only)

The band introduced us to the inter-dimensional traveler in a song from their first album, “Mists of Time” (Non Nobis Prod 2016).  The mysterious traveler would grow in significance on the band’s second full length album, “Dungeon Crawler” (2017).  Our hero’s tale occupies half the album in a suite of songs.  Vidarr, lyricist for the band describes the album best, With Dungeon Crawler, half of the album focused on Howard’s Conan stories, and half dealt with our Dungeon Crawler character (who is yet unnamed).”  The warrior is transported through a dimensional door into a world of barbarism and arcane magic.  The band’s ambitious third album focuses entirely on the character and the story told within the pages of “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands”.

Legendry - Dungeon Crawler (ALBUM COVER PAINTING LARGE)

Lackner’s prose within the story maintains a lyrical quality making any reader want to hear the tale put to music.  While formulating the concept for the album, Lackner/Vidarr came to a realization brought on by the scope of the album’s concept.  “The new album will be a full concept album featuring an original story arc following the adventures of our dimensional traveler.  I had begun outlining the plot, finding that what I needed to do was to write out the full story in order to fully realize the lyrics.”

Millhaven Press is proud to partner with Legendry to bring you the latest in the adventures of the inter-dimensional traveler.

Legendry is:

Vidarr: Guitar and Vocals

Kicker: Drums

Evil St. Clair: Bass

You can find out more about the band here: Legendry Facebook

Legendry - Mists of TIme Cover Art

Legendry - Dungeon Crawler (COVER)

Get “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” here!

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