Influences: Alex Raymond

Alex Raymond (1909-1956) was an American artist best known for creating Flash Gordon.  Thanks to support from his family, he landed a job as an illustrator in the early 1930’s for Tillie the Toiler (the story of a flapper and her career 1921-1959) and Tim Tyler’s Luck (an adventure strip centering on the international adventures of the titular hero 1928-1996).

His work on Tyler, in particular paved the way for his most memorable work.  Flash Gordon appeared in early 1934.  Originally, planned to compete with the massively popular Buck Rogers comic strip, it quickly surpassed Rogers.

He was a prolific cartoonist over the course of his short life.  While working on Flash Gordon, he worked on the adventure strip, Jungle Jim and the espionage thriller, Secret Agent X-9.

He enlisted in the Marines in 1944, served in the Pacific  theater and returned home in 1946.  Upon his return, he created what is arguably his best work in the detective comic strip, Rip Kirby.

Sadly, Alex Raymond was killed in a car accident on September 6, 1956.  While driving fellow cartoonist Stan Drake’s corvette in Connecticut, he lost control of the car and hit a tree.  Drake was thrown from the car and survived, Raymond was killed instantly.

Must Reads:

Flash Gordon (1934-1943)
On the Planet Mongo
The Tyrant of of Mongo
The Fall of Ming

Secret Agent X-9 (1934-1935) with writer Dashiell Hammett
Secret Agent X

Jungle Jim (1934-1944)

Rip Kirby (1946-1956)

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