Home Sweet Home Haunted House Anthology Now Available!

You turn the page on the same novel you’ve been reading since Christmas and your persistent cat jumps on your lap.

She growls.

That’s something you’ve never heard her do and you lose your place. Her claws dig into your leg and she’s fixed on the window. The blinds are closed but her hearing is better than yours and you give up trying to read and close your book.

“What’s up, Nickie? You hear something?”

She growls, lower, only loud enough for you and pushes off your thigh. She crouches to the floor, her tail down and stiff, her eyes not leaving the window. You sense her fear and hold your breath, silencing the gravel rumbling in your chest, and try to listen.

A bump. Something touched against the house. You turn in your chair to join Nikita in her stakeout.

Louder now, a sound of something slashing off the outside wall, perhaps claws dragging on the siding. You manage to move to the window and reach to open the curtains. A thump, from the other side of the wall, and Nikita looks at you like she is pleading don’t open the blinds you old fool. The cord is in your hand, all you need to do is pull down and see for yourself, and you hesitate. The cat apparently decides to sit this one out and she disappears under the bed.

“Some guard cat you are.”

-excerpt from Above the Ceiling by Dan Allen

Seven eerie tales of supernatural and haunted houses.

  1. Where You Find It by Billy Lyons
  2. The Birthright by Victoria Dalpe
  3. 11 Steps by Patrick Winters
  4. Above the Ceiling by Dan Allen
  5. Regeneration by Alistair Rey
  6. The Light in the Window by AK McCarthy
  7. The House of L by Nick Manzolillo

You can get your copy here: Home Sweet Home

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