Millhaven Press looking for Western story submissions

Millhaven Press is looking for five more short stories for an upcoming Western themed anthology due out in late Spring ’19.

This time out we are emulating the work of Louis L’amour, Elmore Leonard, Luke Short, and Archie Joscelyn.

What we want: Stories featuring Revenge, Boomtowns, Outlaw Gangs, Posses, Range Wars…essentially, tough people in a tough land.

There is no closing deadline for submissions, but we only need five more stories and when we have them…we have them.

You keep copyright and all rights associated with the story.  You give Millhaven Press first North American print rights.

  • Stories should be between 2,500-8,000 words (we may accept something shorter than 2,500 words or something longer than 8,000 but it has to be phenomenal).
  • Do not submit a story for reprint.  We are only interested in previously unpublished material (a story published on a personal blog is ok).
  • No simultaneous submissions.  Please do not submit the story to another outlet while waiting for a response from us.
  • Multiple submissions are ok, but we will only print one story per author, per issue.  If you aren’t sure which is your best, send more than one and we’ll decide.
  • Use an easily readable font, double-space as .doc or .docx.  Send as an e-mail attachment to

Send a cover letter with contact information.  Use story title, genre, and approximate word count in the subject header of the e-mail.

Not all submitted stories will be published.  Stories are chosen solely by the publishers.   If accepted, a standard royalty contract will be sent shortly after acceptance.

Each contributor will receive one free reader copy delivered to the address listed in the contact information.

Compensation:  This is a royalty based publication (split after cost).

  • 8% for fiction writers.
  • 10% For cover artist (plus a $50 fee paid upon delivery of accepted design).


Payment will be made via PayPal (no exceptions).  Royalty payments will be made at the end of each quarter.  Payments will be made by the 7th day of January, April, July, and October

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