Machine Monday: Caligraph

caligraph 2

Before George Yost left to produce his own machines, he oversaw the production of the Caligraph 1 for The American Writing Machine Company in 1880.  The Caligraph 1 became the third machine on the market, after Remington/Sholes & Glidden and the unusual Hammond.  The 1 could only write in capital letters.  By 1882 several modifications were made (the 1 had many mechanical problems) and the No. 1 Ideal and No. 2 were introduced.


The Caligraph 2 was the first machine to utilize a full keyboard.  Every capital and lower case letter had its own key.  The double keyboard did not really lend itself to comfortable typing. By 1887, George Yost would leave the Caligraph and learning from his mistakes would introduce the Yost.

caligraph 4

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