Influences: Richard Adams

Richard Adams (1920-2016) is best known for his anthropomorphic fantasies.  Remembered mostly for Watership Down, which began as a story he would tell his daughters on long car trips.  The novel was rejected by four publishers and three agencies.  He never quite re-captured the magic of the rabbit warren, but many of his animal-centric stories are regarded as cult classics (Shardik and Plague Dogs). 

Watership Down follows the pilgrimage of a group of rabbits seeking out a safer place to live and start a new settlement.  Each of the rabbits has his own unique personality.  It is the blueprint for many fantasy quest stories…only rabbits instead of humans or human-like races.  It is an enthralling take on the age-old quest adventure.  It is exciting, funny, sad, and often brutal.

Traveller is his most ambitious and underrated novel, in my mind.  It tells the story of the American Civil War through the eyes of the horses involved.  A great deal of research was needed to provide the realism Adams wanted.

Must Reads:

Watership Down (1972)

Shardik (1974)

The Plague Dogs (1977)

Traveller (1988)

Tales From Watership Down (1996)

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