Influences: Lester Dent

Lester Dent (1904-1959) spent much of his professional writing career as a hired gun for Henry Ralston (creator of The Shadow), writing under the Kenneth Robeson moniker.  Ralston had scored a huge hit with The Shadow and had an idea for a series of stories surrounding an adventure hero.  He hired Dent to spearhead the series and in February 1933, the first issue of Doc Savage hit the streets.


By the time Doc Savage finished its run in 1949, 181 stories had been published.  Of these, Dent was directly responsible for writing 161 of them.  He churned out an average of 10 Savage books a year, while producing other stories for various pulp magazines.  He also crafted some crime mysteries and several westerns during his life.


His technique for writing salable stories has become famous over the years, called the “Master Fiction Plot”, but more referred to as “The Lester Dent Formula”.


Must Reads:

The Man of Bronze (March 1933, First appearance of Doc)

The Land of Terror (April 1933)

The Polar Treasure (June 1933)

The Red Skull (August 1933)

The Sargasso Ogre (October 1933)

The Phantom City (December 1933)

Brand of the Werewolf (January 1934)

Fear Cay (September 1934)

The Mystic Mullah (January 1935)

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