Forgotten Heroes: The Grey Mask

“A dread foreboding of evil!  A beautiful girl plagued by a strange premonition!  A lurking figure drawn by an unseen force to the flickering shadows of the waterfront!  And to all this add THE GREY MASK and his pal, The Dove — mix well with murderous thugs led by a ruthless criminal operating in the narrow, twisting alleys of Chinatown — and you have a masterpiece of suspense!”


Wealthy man-about-town Doctor (sometimes Sir) Malcolm Muir seems to live a very sedate life in his well appointed penthouse, however unknown to the public at large he is secretly The Grey Mask who, with the assistance of his butler known only as The Dove.  The crime-fighting duo makes a specialty of taking down miscreants who pose as supernatural creatures, cults of devil worshipers, old family curses, or other supernatural forces, but are really just villains out to steal from the innocent, or in the case of Axis agents, misdirect people while they steal secrets or commit sabotage.


The Grey Mask and Dove were featured in ten issues of Suspense Comics beginning in December, 1943 into 1944.  Like many other superheroes of the early comics, The Grey Mask did not have a long run and has been largely forgotten about.  He was an interesting hero, in the vigilante vein of heroes with supernatural-tinged plots.  Of course, the supernatural was never really supernatural…more akin to Scooby Doo plots than horror.


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