Saturday Spotlight: Wait for the Dawn

Wait for the Dawn

Author: Martha Albrand

Cover Art: Rafael de Soto

Originally Published?

Reviewed Edition: Dell 544 (1950)


Martha Albrand was the pen-name of Heidi Huberta Freybe Loewengard (that is a mouthful).  She achieved some fame as a mystery, romance writer using post World War II as her backdrop.

A woman, Christine, living in France loves the perfect man, but she discovers he may not be so perfect, after all.  The rich, handsome Victor sweeps Christine off her feet.  She fails to recognize signs Victor is not what she believes.  Investigating through old friends, and current events, Christine discovers the truth behind Victor’s murderous  political tactics.

Albrand’s style has not aged well, in my opinion.  It is a touch overly-sentimental and provides too much minute detail, interrupting what should be a quick-paced story.  The whole thing develops at a snail’s pace (when viewed in comparison to her contemporaries).  It does not play well as a crime story or seedy political thriller…it does however work when taken as a romance with a mystery as part of the story, not the whole.  It may be parsing genres, but I do believe romance readers will enjoy the novel more than mystery readers.

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