Excerpt from “Home Sweet Home”

Bob popped the center console and reached inside for the can of Budweiser that was no longer there.  “Oops!” he laughed and pulled off the highway. Once he’d passed the usual conflagration of fast food and convenience stores the traffic abated, but not his nerves. He drove six more miles before he finally saw the sign.

     Wembley House Sanitarium – NEXT RIGHT

    “Here goes nothing,” Bob said, and turned onto a dusty road. A few twists and turns later, the beast finally came into view.

         Bob parked his Highlander, stepped out, and bent his head back until it hurt.  Dirty red brick, dingy mortar the color of toothpaste, and filthy windows captured his field of view.   A shadow stole the warmth from his body and replaced it with shivers. If this place isn’t home to a few hundred ghosts, it sure as hell should be, Bob thought, and set to unloading. Once finished, he peeked through the camera’s viewfinder one final time, hit record, and stepped into the shot.

     “This is Bob Hawthorne, welcoming you to Man Versus Ghost, the only paranormal show on TV that keeps it real. Here we have no camera crews or clamoring teams of investigators getting in the way. It’s just me and a video camera, locked inside the world’s most haunted locations, for twenty-four hours.” 

     For my first show, I’ve chosen the granddaddy of them all, Wembley House Sanitarium.  An eight-hundred thousand square foot monstrosity, The Wembley is the most enduring monument to the Tuberculosis epidemic that plagued the United States during the first quarter of the Twentieth Century.  It’s also widely regarded as the country’s most haunted location, so if there is such a thing as spirits of the dead, we’ll find them here.”

     “You can say that again,” came a voice from behind.

     “Jesus Christ!” Bob shouted and leaped back.

-From “Where You Find It” by Billy Lyons

Find out what happens with your very own copy of “Home Sweet Home” right here: Home Sweet Home – A Millhaven Anthology

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