Excerpt from “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” (from J. Manfred Weichsel’s “We Might Not Have Fire, But We Sure As Hell Have Fury”)

The first thing I noticed was that I heard sounds. Chirps, clicks, growls, howls, and rustling. I slowly opened my eyes. I wasn’t dead, that was certain. Above me was a canopy of leaves and branches so thick that it shut out the sky.

I stood up. I was completely naked, but what made me feel naked wasn’t my lack of clothes, but my lack of a weapon. I was in the middle of an untamed jungle. But what kind of jungle was this? I had fought in all the jungles of Earth. I fought in Vietnam, and then I went back to Vietnam to save the POWs and went all through Southeast Asia. I fought in the jungles of Africa. I fought in the jungles of South America. I fought in the jungles of Central America. But in all my fighting I never saw a jungle like this.

The leaves that covered the jungle ceiling were of weird and twisting shapes with long fingers that extended in all directions. These fingers ended in a light stringy material that flowed in the soft wind. The leaves were huge. Many of them were bigger than I was. And they were a dark green color that was almost black.

The floor of the jungle had lighter vegetation than the ceiling, I assume because the leaves blocked out so much of the light. In fact, it was very dark at the jungle floor, almost like twilight, although for some reason I assumed it to be midday.

I heard a rustling coming towards me and hid behind a bush. Coming from the jungle I saw a sight that stopped me cold. I have seen all manner of dangerous men over the course of my career, but what I was looking upon was not a man. What it was, I couldn’t say. It was huge, even bigger than I am. It was shaped like a man, but it was covered in shaggy black fur from head to toe. Its eyes bugged out and hung low on its forehead, it had a broad flat nose, and an underdeveloped looking cranium. It was holding a knife that looked like it had been carved from an ivory horn.

-From “We Might Not Have Fire, but We Sure as Hell Have Fury” by J. Manfred Weichsel

Find out what happens to our hero in “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands”.

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