Excerpt from “Fierce Tales: Savage Lands” (From “The Wizard & The Tower Keep” by DR Lackner)

The night was long and cool, casting violet shadows on wise trees of old.  He moved through the wood as a beast of the wild, having grown accustomed to this planet alien to his birth.  Vines entangled the branches of the maples and oaks, whose bark gathered the dew and glistened in the moonlight shattered by their canopies. 

He wore the helm of an ancient lord of war, pointed as the Phrygian caps of his home world.  He was outfitted as the barbarians of the fantasy tales of his own world.  About his waist was wrapped a loincloth of leather and a brass studded belt, from which hung a pouch and ancient bronze dirk.  Soft leather boots covered his feet.  About his back was slung a sheathed sword of steel and a domed iron shield, bearing the mark of a great winged predator of times unknown.  The artifacts which served him now were once the pride of ancient warriors, handed down through generations on this planet.  They eventually had come to rest in a burial mound of their fathers and were revealed by the elements through the passing of ages. 

He bore no name unto this world, as he had left his own name behind on his home planet:  indeed, he had forgotten it.  Time moved differently here:  it may have been many years since he had tasted the air of Earth. 

-From “The Wizard and the Tower Keep” by DR Lackner

Enter the world of Legendry’s interdimensional traveler…

Get yours here: Fierce Tales: Savage Lands

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