Excerpt from “Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms” (from “Rules of Survival” by Jo Niederhoff)

Rule number one: Don’t go out alone.

            Not even if all your friends are busy. Not even if it’s not that far to walk. Not even if you’ve got your phone and your flashlight and your self-defense keychain. Don’t go out alone.

            Rule number two: Don’t go out alone at night.

            Not even if there’s no one to walk you home. Not even if it’s a full moon. (Especially not if it’s a full moon.) Find someplace to stay. Crash with a friend or call a cab. Don’t brave the darkness. Don’t rely on the stars.

            Rule number three: Don’t go out alone at night when you’re drunk.

            At least you follow this one.

            Rule number four: Don’t take shortcuts.

            Stick to the main roads. It may take you longer to get home, but they’re well-lit, and no one’s ever been raped on Main Street. Well, hardly anyone. It at least looks safer than the alleys and residential areas that TV has taught you to avoid. You’re sure if you run through those winding streets, screaming for help, no one will bother to listen.

            Rule number five: Don’t cut through the woods.

            You should know better. You do know better.

-From “Rules of Survival” by Jo Niederhoff.

Find out the rest of the rules in “Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms”…they just may save your life.

Get it here: Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms

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