Influences: Joe Archibald

Joe Archibald (1898-1986) is remembered for his heroic sports stories and daredevil fighter pilot stories, but he wrote in other genres as well.  One of the most prolific of the pulp writers, Archibald was a pragmatist. He knew if he could conquer multiple genres, he could find his name as a regular contributor to many more magazines than if he concentrated o one genre.

Aside from fighter pilot stories and sports stories, he routinely scribed detective and crime stories along with the rare occurrence of a western.  His known output totaled over 900 stories.  He managed to juggle recurring characters with multiple magazines, while still working as a journalist and cartoonist.

There was Willie Klump, former president of the Hawkeye Detective Agency in Popular Detective and PI Alvin Hinkley in 10-Story Detective.  Then there was Scoop Binney and Snooty Piper, the ‘Dizzy Duo’ newshawks for 10 Detective Aces.  Flying aces, Muley Spink and Ambrose Hooley dazzled readers with their high-flying antics in Sky Fighters, while Phineas Pinkham’s outrageous antics left the Ninth Pursuit Squadron empty-handed time and time again.

Must reads: Almost everything Joe Archibald wrote for the pulps was never re-issued and is in the public domain.  You can find many of his stories for free here:


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