Saturday Spotlight: Exile’s Quest

Exile’s Quest

Author: Richard Mead (Ben Haas)

Cover Art: ?

First Published: 1970

Reviewed Edition: Signet 1970

“They call it the Power Stone. Some men called it by other names, Philosopher’s Stone, Grail. A sorcerer has given it to the Queen of the Unknown Lands. King Sigreith wants it, so he sends an exiled swordsman, Baron Gallt, at the head of an army of cutthroats and prisoners into the legendary Unknown Lands. All sorts of monsters and half-men wait along their path.”

A decent, but not great adventure story in the sword and sorcery/post-apocalyptic vein.  Not really much to rave about, but not much to gripe about…a perfectly adequate story.  That is the problem…perfectly adequate seems to describe much of this genre during the seventies (better than a lot of the muck that would come in the eighties).

I wouldn’t recommend searching this book out, but if you happen to stumble upon a copy in a used bookstore, it’s worth picking up and spending a cold winter’s night or lazy summer day reading it…

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