Submissions wanted for “Fantastic Tales of the Future” anthology

Millhaven Press is looking for 4-5 novelettes for a hard science fiction/space opera anthology to be released in Summer 2019.

You can find the guidelines here: Fantastic Tales Submission Guidelines

If you are wondering if your story is a fit for what we have in mind, here are some influences for you to think about:

  1. Frank Herbert (Dune)
  2. A. Bertram Chandler (Rim World/John Grimes)
  3. John Brunner (his early stuff)
  4. Isaac Asimov (Foundation)
  5. Arthur C. Clarke (Rama)
  6. Edmond Hamilton (Starwolf)
  7. Cordwainer Smith (Space Lords)
  8. E.E. Smith (Lensman)

We want these stories to put the science back in science fiction.  We want interesting takes on the far future/space travel without sacrificing any of the action and adventure from our previous anthologies…

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