Influences: Thomas B. Dewey

“Thomas Blanchard Dewey (1915-1981) was an American author of hardboiled crime novels. He created three series of novels: the first one features Mac, a private investigator from Chicago, the second features Pete Schofield, and the third features Singer Batts and Joe Spinder.” and that’s all you get…seriously.  Apparently Dewey was a tight-lipped, secretive pulp writer (most were more than willing to talk an interviewers ear off…not Dewey).

Well, most of these “Influences” blog posts are light on information anyway.  The purpose of these are not to overwhelm a potential reader with information, but to merely introduce a reader to an author they may really like.  I don’t want to color a reader’s judgement with my opinions.  These are more of a “Hey, this writer is pretty awesome…check him/her out,” type of thing.

Must reads:

Mac Books:

  1. Draw the Curtain Close (1947)
  2. Don’t Cry for Long (1964)
  3. Deadline (1966)
  4. Death and Taxes (1967)

Pete Scofield:

  1. And When She Stops (1957)
  2. Go to Sleep, Jeannie (1959)
  3. The Girl With the Sweet Plump Knees (1963)

Batts & Spinder:

  1. Hue & Cry (AKA Room for Murder 1944)
  2. As Good As Dead (1946)


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