“Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires” now available! Four epic novelettes of heroic adventure.

Today is the day! It’s finally here…

You can get your copy of “Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires” right now on Amazon!  $11.00 paperback ($.99 E-book for Kindle)
Four imaginative, epic fantasy novelettes set in exotic lands.
Stories by: J. Conrad Matthews, Joshua Hiles, Chris Hollaway, and Stephanie Barr.
Wonderful cover art representing Matthews’ “Yellowknife” by Brian Konutko.
Be one of the first to read these thrilling adventures…

Get yours on Amazon right here: Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires

Empires come and go. Some fall seemingly overnight, while others descend, wither, and crumble over long decades or centuries. As empires crumble, heroes rise above the carnage left in the wake of the demise of the falling empires. Fierce Tales returns with four tales of such heroes. A descendant of Atlantean royalty fights and claws to stay alive in a foreign world with only the hopes of finding a way home to his family keeping him going. A boy abused and mocked as “Monsterface” grows into manhood and recounts the story of a legendary uniter of peoples. Is he strong enough to follow in Durrham Tarragon’s footsteps and unite his people once more? A group of long-in-the-tooth ex-warriors are brought together by an aging mage to discover the identity whoever is responsible for putting the safety of their town in danger. Can they identify the culprits before it is too late? A sorcerer is assigned by his king to discover why the towns are no longer sending their taxes to the king. He travels incognito to the towns as a storyteller. He is less than enamored with the task and soon finds himself drawn into the towns’

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