Natural Beauty – God’s Way of Feedng an Author’s Imagination

A Song of Joy by Caroline Furlong

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While scanning through several WordPress articles on…something, I came across a review of another sci-fi novel. It was a post-apocalyptic book, I believe, that doubled as an alien invasion story. Something said either in the post or in the comments was that readers could tell the writer had been inspired by his native Arizona, both with regards to this story and his previous works. His stories either take place in that state or in worlds that look like it.

Dean Koontz does much the same thing. Almost all of his stories take place in California. His characters might be from other states or countries but, eventually, they somehow find their way to the Golden State. The love a writer has for his or her native place often finds its way into their works. This may be a subliminal habit at first, but once an author becomes aware of this tendency…

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