Nostalgic Evocations: Classic X-Men (1986-1995)

I’m not sure what my first comic books were.  I think I had some older issues of something handed down from an uncle or cousin.  I started collecting new issues sometime in 1986.  Most lines I picked up in progress and tried to get back issues when I could.  I am pretty sure my very first #1 issue was Classic X-Men (released in September 1986). The series was essentially a re-release or re-hashing of older X-Men stories, but they were new to me.  Each issue had some edits or additions to help with current continuity.


I was already collecting Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine among many others, so I was familiar with the characters, but I was just excited to be reading a title from the beginning.  I would eventually start other titles from the beginning, but this was released at the perfect time.  Summer was over and baseball card season was dying down, so comic books took over my attention almost completely.  It wasn’t my favorite title, or the best storyline, but it had a huge number of my favorite characters.  I’m not sure how far into the run I made it before abandoning it.  Issue #1 still has one of my all-time favorite comic covers.  It’s simple and very classical looking, but I have never forgotten it all these years later.


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  1. The classic X-Men comic was really good. The stories were all standout X-Men tales , and each issue had some extra material or backup story to accompany it. That cover of issue #1 is indeed a great picture of the X-Men team!

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