Nostalgic Evocations: Adventure (Atari 1980)

Adventure (1980)

Adventure wasn’t my first Atari game, but for quite a long time, it was my favorite.  It was nice to have an attainable conclusion.  So many of the early Atari games continued on and on and on and on, until you either died or got bored and shut it off.  Adventure had a quest with a goal.  You played a little square on a quest to find a glowing chalice to return to the golden castle.


There were three dragons out to eat you and a super annoying bat that would steal things and hide them from you.  You were able to use a sword (actually a little arrow, but it did the job) to kill dragons before they ate you.  There was a bridge you could use to cross all manner of things, even the screen walls, if you knew where to place it properly.  It was a lot of fun exploring the fantasy world and sometimes aggravating chasing that pesky little bat around.


The graphics are beyond simplistic, but actually a little ahead of most games at the time.  The soundtrack was a little jarring, but I’m pretty sure most games had some pretty annoying sound effects then.


For some reason, my friends and I thought it hysterical whenever the bat would kidnap a dragon and fly around with him all over the game.  Anyway, overall it was a very easy game, but that was part of the joy.  It was nice winning an Atari game when you were that young.


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