Millhaven Press Year in Review (short version)

I just wanted to share some information for everyone who read a Millhaven Press release in 2018 or contributed to one (or more).

Some polls were put out to discover what stories we put out this past year resonated with readers the most.  These polls were not meant to pick out a “best” story, just see what stories were the standouts among a group of great stories.  Votes were limited to one per reader/contributor (tracked by Polldaddy) and open to followers of the blog, facebook page, and customer e-mail list.  Here are the top five:

5.    “Dead Water” by Lee Glenwright  (found in Millhaven’s Tales of Terror)

4.   “Hex Hollow” by K.P. Kulski (found in Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms)

3.   “The Mystified Morpheus” by Anthony Regolino (found in Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms)

2.   “The Bugman” by Russell Doyle (found in Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder)

  1.  “The Birthright” by Victoria Dalpe (found in Home Sweet Home)


We had two special novelettes featured in Millhaven’s Tales of Terror, and Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms.  Of these two, readers chose “Alter Ego” by J. Manfred Weichsel (found in Millhaven’s Tales of Terror) by a slim margin.

I want to thank everyone who submitted stories to Millhaven Press this past year.  If your story was not accepted, send us another one!

I also want to thank everyone who contributed a story or art this year.  I appreciate all your hard work, creativity, and patience.

As a final piece of information, I thought I would provide a list of our releases ranked by copies sent out.  This ranking includes sales (paperback and E-Book), free copies sent to reviewers, and those sent out for award consideration.  Keep in mind a lot of these releases were not available the majority of the year.

  1. Nighthawks
  2. Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms
  3. Devlin
  4. Home Sweet Home
  5. Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder
  6. Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense
  7. Fierce Tales: Savage Lands
  8. Millhaven’s Tales of Terror
  9. Millhaven’s Tales of Adventure
  10. Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires


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