“Fierce Tales: Lost Worlds” now available

Millhaven is an unusual place, now offering the fourth in its Fierce Tales anthology series: Lost Worlds. It features tales from fresh talent, newly popular authors who will treat you to highly visual, emotional and electrifying adventures of longer-than-typical short story length. Technically short stories, these near-novella adventures will tear you from the ordinary and whisk you along deeper literary complexity and treks extraordinaire!

You will be unable to resist the insidiously contagious–perhaps intelligent–chiller encountered in “Cold Inside…”, an emotionally impactful experience by award-winning storyteller Sergio Palumbo. Novelist J. Conrad Matthews reveals “The Savage Badlands” in a rip-roaring account of an alternate conquest of America, based on Teddy Roosevelt’s lost diary. We dare you to enter Dan Gallagher’s cryptozoological-mystical tales with nonfiction accompaniments: “Monster in the Sand” in Poe’s unreliable narrator style, and its paired literary thriller “Six Birds and a Cat”. Equally powerful and visual is Screenwriter Charlie Boyles’ “Mountain of the Ancients”, which places you among prehistoric-to-recent animals & humans who, for a time, welcomed an alien addiction!

Yes, the world of Millhaven is a place where the extraordinary is the norm, a super-natural place of mystery and wonder. It can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring place. But it can also be a dark place, filled with monsters, champions, spirits and all things shadowy. These take many forms, from gruesome creatures to fantastic heroes and people just like you. Meet heroes and villains from every walk of life. The Fierce Tales series will act as your guide through the world of Millhaven, both the hidden and the horrific. New worlds will open before you in all their dangerous splendor. Yes, it’s a wondrous and fascinating place, but do keep your head about you… if possible!

Paperback and e-book now available

Fierce Tales on Amazon

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