Nostalgic Evocations: Baseball Cards (1983)


I had dipped my toes in the world of baseball cards during the summer of 1982.  I had a small collection started by the end of the summer and was eager for the next set to be released.  By the summer of 1983 I was ready and began seriously collecting the Topps and Fleer sets (well, as seriously as any eight year old with a two dollar a week allowance could be).  I discovered that the neighborhood market (Dave’s Market) sold Topps.  Now I didn’t have to rely on the weekly little league post-game trips to Coneheads.  I could ride my bike to Dave’s and stock up on packs of cards (stale bubblegum sticks and all).



I was a big fan of the Topps cards that year.  I really enjoyed the action shots with the faces in the lower corner.  It was big improvement over the 1982 set, even though I still like the 1982 set.  I managed to get a little over half the set that year.  That doesn’t count the doubles, which led to trading sessions with the neighborhood kids all summer.  Don’t get me started on the countless number of Paul Boris cards we all had.  Paul who? Seriously, this card was seemingly in every pack…every pack!  He of the one year major league career– 49 2/3 innings of 3.99 ERA ball.


Once again, I would also spend some time at the neighborhood Carl’s Drugs to get some Fleer cards as well.  I managed to accumulate only about a quarter of this set, but it was a pretty ugly set (It has grown on me over the years…don’t ask me why).




Then there was the ultra-ugly Donruss set.  It was almost exactly the same as the previous year.  A glove was substituting the ball this time.  I picked up a few packs of these over the summer, but man were these ugly.


Once again, there wasn’t a ton for real collectors.  Tony Gwynn, Ryne Sandberg, and Wade Boggs all had rookies in these sets, but not much else of note.  I managed to get The Topps Gwynn and Boggs;  the Fleer Sandberg and Boggs and absolutely nothing of note from Donruss.

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