Nostalgic Evocations: TYCO Cliffhangers

There was a very brief time when I really got into electric slot race car tracks.  They were great fun, when they worked.  It just so happened, they rarely worked right.  I was given a ton of track and several old cars from an uncle.  A few of the cars worked, most didn’t, but it was a start.  Then I found out TYCO had a Cliff Hanger line that did loops and went up walls.  They even had a Daredevil set that featured “Niteglow” — the cars and parts of the track glowed in the dark.  It was great fun for me sometime around 1983 or 1984.



I started off with a new set featuring two silver cars and a small track that was very limiting in what it could do.  Soon, I was able to get the one everyone wanted.  The Daredevil Cliff Hanger set that had spirals, loops and went up the wall.  It was great.  Of course, only the cars with magnets could use this track, which was limited to the two glow in the dark Corvettes that came with it, but who cares?  It went up the wall and that was all that mattered.



It was a phase that didn’t last too long.  It was way too expensive a hobby for a kid my age, so it faded quickly from my limited attention span.

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