INXS: Kick (1987)

NXS: Kick (1987)

Atlantic 81796-4

Side One:

  1. Guns in the Sky
  2. New Sensation
  3. Devil Inside
  4. Need You Tonight
  5. Mediate
  6. The Loved One

Side Two:

  1. Wild Life
  2. Never Tear Us Apart
  3. Mystify
  4. Kick
  5. Calling All Nations
  6. Tiny Daggers


I was twelve when this record came out.  It was everywhere.  Almost every song on the album was on the radio at some point.  It is hit after hit, but I never think of Kick as one of the great records of the eighties.  I may have to re-think that notion.  This was another record that followed with me getting a T-Shirt in support.  I had the Mediate shirt and I loved it.  It was INXS’ sixth album, but it was the first I had heard of them.  My following lasted just two albums: Kick and X.  Well after the fact, I added Listen Like Thieves and The Swing to my collection.


The record opens with Guns in the Sky, which is a perfect opener.  It lets the listener know from the get go that this is not the same INXS from the first five records.  New Sensation follows, with it’s immortal opening line, “Live Baby Live” and a great saxophone solo buried in a remarkable pop song.  Next comes, Devil Inside.  It is a slightly sinister sounding song with the perfect vocal tone for the song.  INXS’ biggest hit, Need You Tonight follows.  It is unusual as a song, in that it is the most synthesizer heavy song the band had recorded to that point.  The song is linked to Mediate which is a simplistic song, with most of the lyrics ending in “-ate”.  Side one closes with The Loved One, a cover of the 1966 song by The Loved Ones.


Side two opens with Wild Life, a grooving opener that isn’t quite up to other songs on the record, but is quite good, nonetheless.  Never Tear Us Apart is a great, slow ballad written in a waltz tempo.  It is my favorite song on the record — an all around beautiful song.  Mystify follows in the bluesy languid style of the Doors.  Next comes the title track, Kick  which has a Motown party song kind of feel to it.  Calling All Nations follows, with it’s party rap style vocals.  It is a bit out of place, but still is a catchy song.  Tiny Daggers closes the album, and is easily the most underrated song on the album, which is a shame.

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