Nostalgic Evocations: Nightcrawler (1985-1986)


In November 1985, Marvel decided to give Nightcrawler his own book, in a limited four issue format.  I started to look into the world of comics and slowly started picking up a few here and there sometime in the middle of series, I think. I don’t think I started really collecting until late summer of 1986.  Nightcrawler had quickly become one of my favorite Marvel characters.  The first issue was released November 1985 and ran through February 1986.

Even for a Nightcrawler fan, this was a pretty bad storyline.  It was absolutely horrible, to be honest.  It is a shame that one of my favorite character’s first solo outing is this…whatever this is.  It is an odd inter-dimensional swashbuckling pirate adventure.

Nightcrawler, while exercising in the Danger Room is accidentally sent to another dimension.  While in the pirate world, Nightcrawler saves a beautiful princess and then is sent to another dimension, when an attempt to bring him home fails.

In the second dimension, Nightcrawler faces different aspects of a twisted fairytale.  He eventually saves the day in this dimension as well, before finally making it home…

This Nightcrawler limited issue run was seen as a disappointment then and it still is.  It was released fairly early in the Copper Age of comics (1984-1992), which are starting to rise in value thanks in part due to adult collectors who read these books originally as children.  This is one series that really doesn’t have to worry about gaining value.  You can still get these for less than the original cover price!

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