Mr. Mister: Welcome to the Real World (1985)

Mr. Mister: Welcome to the Real World (1985).

RCA AFL1-7180

Side One:

  1. Black/White
  2. Uniform of Youth
  3. Don’t Slow Down
  4. Run to Her
  5.  Into My Own Hands

Side Two:

  1. Is It Love
  2. Kyrie
  3. Broken Wings
  4. Tangent Tears
  5. Welcome to the Real World


This was one of my first cassettes and I remember listening to it countless nights in bed as a kid.  I think I was eleven when this band hit big with Broken Wings.  It was the band’s second album, and it almost never happened.  Singer, Richard Paige was offered the lead singer job in Toto and Chicago after the release of the first Mr. Mister album, I Wear the Face.  Luckily, he turned them both down to stay with Mr. Mister.

Side A opens with Black/White, a catchy pop song with a great drumbeat and synthesizers.  The chorus is among the catchiest on the album.  It is a great lead in song for an album.  Uniform of Youth follows, which is a more rock sounding song.  It shows a different side of the band, but maintains the heavy synthesizer use on the chorus.  The next song is, Don’t Slow Down.  The song is good enough, but sounds a lot like a Survivor reject.  Run to Her is a mellow ballad that is a bit too lethargic and falls flat.  Side A concludes with Into My Own Hands, a quicker paced song that is a solid pop song, but is not quite on par with most of the other songs on the album.


Side B opens with Is It Love.  It is a very catchy song, but some of the introduction synthesizer work is extremely hokey, but once the song kicks into gear, it is a good pop song with a super chorus. Mega-hit, Kyrie is next.  It is probably the catchiest song on the record and is one of the strongest songs here.  Once you hear it, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day (that’s a good thing).   Finally, it’s Broken Wings, the song that first introduced me to the band and is a song that still plays regularly in my house.  After two great songs comes the weakest song on the album, Tangent Tears isn’t strictly a bad song, it just is lackluster compared to most of the songs.  The album closes with the title track, Welcome to the Real World.  It is a decent number with more good synthesizer work and another catchy chorus.

Mr. Mister‘s popularity didn’t last very long…just this album, as a matter of fact.  They only released three albums during this time.  The critics never liked them in any shape or form.  Fans moved on really quickly after this record.  By the time they released their follow up Go On… in 1987, music tastes had changed dramatically.  Plus, the follow up record is not very good.  They were trying for a stripped-down sound that just didn’t really work.  Some of these songs still get massive radio play on 80’s stations and everyone still knows their name…so I guess that’s something.



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