Nostalgic Evocations: Transformers (1984-1987)

I used to rush home after school everyday to watch a pretty impressive afternoon cartoon line-up.  Transformers was part of this lineup.  The cartoon was based on the Hasbro toy-line of giant robots that could change into vehicles.  The characters were introduced in More Than Meets the Eye, a three part miniseries which aired in September 1984.  After the success of the miniseries, thirteen more episodes were made for the first season.  Season two followed with a massive number of episodes (49!).


Transformers: The Movie would follow in 1986.  The movie featured many character deaths and introduced a new batch of heroes and villains.  This is where the cartoon lost me.  I was not a fan of the new characters and missed the ones from the first two seasons.  I did continue watching season three despite my waning interest.


Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime was no Optimus Prime and fans were given what they wanted in March, 1987 with The Return of Optimus Prime.  This made me keep watching for a little while longer.  Season three introduced the Quintessons as the featured villains.  They were pretty horrible villains.  I just didn’t like them at all and abandoned ship before the fourth season.


Season four consisted of a mere three episode story called, The Rebirth.  I never watched these as a kid and I still have never seen them.  Truthfully, I’m not sure I know anyone who has seen them.  At least, no one who remembers them.  It was a decent cartoon to watch growing up, but the toys were so much cooler.

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