Nostalgic Evocations: Big Trak

In 1979, Milton Bradley released the Big Trak.  It was a programmable electric tank/transport/thing.  It was a six-heeled vehicle with a blue headlight.  There was a keypad on top and the vehicle could remember up to sixteen commands and execute the commands in the order they were programmed.  There was only one additional accessory for the toy: a cargo trailer.


Milton Bradley released two versions of the toy to separate markets.  The American market got a gray Big Trak, while the U.K market got a white Big Trak.  There were also some differences in the keypad (I’m not sure what differences).



The controller required a 9-volt battery and the vehicle required 4 D batteries.  That is quite a battery requirement for a child to have to deal with on a regular basis.  There were several basic movement commands that could be programmed as well as using the headlight (or laser).  If the cargo trailer was present, the additional command to dump the cargo became available for use.



I’m not sure when the toy was discontinued, but it was re-released by Zeon, Ltd. in 2010.  I never had this toy, but remember it from all the Christmas catalogs (Sears, JC Penny…).  Looking back at the toy, it really doesn’t do anything for me.  Maybe it is because I never owned it so there is no nostalgic connection.  I am pretty sure this is the type of toy I would have lost interest in after a few days — I just don’t see the sustainability of the thing.

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  1. One of my friends had one. There was a sense of satisfaction in getting it to steer around the table/leave the room/&c. for the first time; but programming robots is something that mostly appeals to people with an interest in engineering/computing.

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