Sentridoh: Losercore 7″ (1993)

Sentridoh: Losercore (1993)

Smells Like Records: SLR 68

Side One: Losercore

Side Two: Really Insane


Sometime in late 1992 I was introduced to Sebadoh.  I was a senior in high school and working a part time job.  A co-worker happened to be playing a cassette while working (a no-no as far as company policy…country radio only!).  Rule-breaking aside, I was captivated by the sound.  A sound I had never heard before.  It was III, and it was the Eric Gaffney chaotic song, As the World Dies, the Eyes of God Grow Bigger that really stood out that night.  I went to the mall that weekend looking for a Sebadoh CD and struck out on finding III, but did purchase Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock (I had no idea it was a compilation of two EP’s).  I just hoped it was as good as what I had heard from them so far.  The CD opens with Gaffney’s Cry Sis and it didn’t disappoint.  Then I heard Brand New Love, one of Lou Barlow’s tunes and it hit me like few songs ever have.  It is still one of my three favorite songs ever.  Anyway, this led me on a quest for anything Sebadoh or Lou Barlow related.  It was in 1993 when I stumbled upon this 7″.  I’m not sure how I got my hands on it.  A small, upstate New York town is not the place to find records like this (pre-internet ordering).  I think it may have possibly been through the Dutch East India Trading catalog…but I’m not sure.


The 7″ was put out by Smells Like Records, which was founded by Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley.  I believe it is still around and he still operates it.


Losercore is a slice of Lou Barlow at a still early point in his career.  It is pretty typical of his composition and lyric writing of that period in time — that is not a slight.  It is a great track that probably deserved a wider release.  To my knowledge this track is available only here.  Many of his early 7″ releases are gathered on the Lou Barlow and His Sentridoh compilation from City Slang records, but the two tracks here are not included.


Side two features Really Insane which is a more experimental, drone-ier song.  It is not as far out there as some of his other experimental songs.  A ‘sequel’, Really Insane II would appear on the Rocking the Forest EP, but not be incorporated into the Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock compilation.


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