Genesis: …And Then There Were Three (1978)

Genesis:…and then there were three…(1978)

Atlantic KSD 19173C

Side One:

  1. Down And Out
  2. Undertow
  3. Ballad of Big
  4. Snowbound
  5. Burning Rope

Side Two:

  1. Deep in the Motherlode
  2. Many Too Many
  3. Scenes From a Night’s Dream
  4. Say It’s Alright Joe
  5. The Lady Lies
  6. Follow You Follow Me

…and then there were three… was Genesis’ ninth album and was released in 1978.  The name alludes to the departure of key band members over the previous several years (Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett).  This album is widely considered the band’s bridge from Prog rock to more radio friendly pop/rock.  The album was met with mixed reviews, but sold very well.

I had been slowly getting into music and was heavily into the radio and borrowed a lot of stuff from an uncle, but did not own any of my own albums/cassettes.  For Christmas, I really wanted a Genesis tape, but wasn’t sure which one it was (turns out it was the Self-Titled album from 1983).  Anyway, my parents tried and I got this tape one Christmas morning.  At the time, I was disappointed because it sounded so different from the one I wanted.  Now, it is my favorite Genesis record by quite a large margin (that says a lot coming from an enormous Peter Gabriel fan).


The album opens with the slow build and syncopated rhythm of Down and Out.  It is a good opener and draws the listener in.  Next is, Undertow a beautiful, slow ballad.  Ballad of Big follows and has a memorable groove to go along with a great story straight out of the old west.  Snowbound follows and is a great ballad complete with orchestral like flourishes.  Burning Rope closes out side one with a catchy poppier song than the majority of the side.


Side two opens with Deep in the Motherlode, which has a great synthesizer line to go with another old western themed song.  Many Too Many follows and is a slow ballad that is good, but gets lost in an album of similar tempo songs that are slightly more memorable.  Next is, Scenes from a Night’s Dream, which is based on a comic strip called, Little Nemo.  It is one of the catchier songs on the record.  Say It’s Alright Joe follows and is a mellow, sad song about an alcoholic’s drunken stupor.  The Lady Lies is next with its magic/demon slanted lyrics.  The album closes with the biggest hit on the record and my favorite song here, Follow You, Follow Me.  It is the pop song that paved the way for future Genesis hits.


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