Nostalgic Evocations: Magnum, P.I. Cards (1983)

I have been pretty harsh with my descriptions of Donruss’ baseball cards from the early eighties and wanted to write about a Donruss card set I liked (kinda sorta).  The problem is that most of their TV show card sets are virtually identical, with minor color and logo changes.  The cartoonish card backs are nothing special, either.  The Magnum, P.I. set was 66 cards and was released in 1983.  They still weren’t up to Topps standards, but it was better than their baseball sets at this time.



magnum6backSadly, I was too young to stay up to watch Magnum, P.I. and therefore did not have any cards from this set (I did get a full set sometime later).  They are still very plentiful and can be bought for next to nothing.

Well, I tried to write something nice about a Donruss set, but could only go so far…there are still significant problems, but there are some Donruss baseball sets from the eighties that I do really like.  I guess Donruss will have to wait a bit longer for a glowing nostalgic review.


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