The Police: Synchronicity (1983)

The Police: Synchronicity (1983) A&M SP-3735 Side One: Synchronicity I Walking in Your Footsteps O My God Mother Miss Greadenko Synchronicity II Side Two: Every Breath You Take King of Pain Wrapped Around Your Finger Tea in the Sahara Murder By Numbers (CD & Cassette) Synchronicity was the fifth and final album by The Police.  In... Continue Reading →

Machine Monday: Morris

The Morris typewriter was an index machine invented by Robert Morris of Kansas City. His first version, with a wooden base,  appeared in 1885  and had some success in selling a few hundred.  In 1886 Mr. Morris sold the manufacturing rights to Hoggson & Pettis Manufacturing Company of New Haven, Conn., upon which improvements were... Continue Reading →

Sentridoh: Losercore 7″ (1993)

Sentridoh: Losercore (1993) Smells Like Records: SLR 68 Side One: Losercore Side Two: Really Insane Sometime in late 1992 I was introduced to Sebadoh.  I was a senior in high school and working a part time job.  A co-worker happened to be playing a cassette while working (a no-no as far as company radio... Continue Reading →

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