Genesis: Self-Titled (1983)

Genesis: Genesis (1983) Atlantic 80116-1 Side One: Mama That's All Home by the Sea Second Home by the Sea Side Two: Illegal Alien Taking It All Too Hard Just a Job to Do Silver Rainbow It's Gonna Get Better It isn't the most common route to have a self-titled album as a band's twelfth album,... Continue Reading →

Fierce Tales: Lost Worlds now available at a discount.

Get "Fierce Tales: Lost Worlds" for only $11.00. Millhaven is an unusual place, now offering the fourth in its Fierce Tales anthology series: Lost Worlds. It features tales from fresh talent, newly popular authors who will treat you to highly visual, emotional and electrifying adventures of longer-than-typical short story length. Technically short stories, these near-novella... Continue Reading →

Influences: H.P. Lovecraft

In honor of Lovecraft’s is a repost from last year Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) was born in Providence, Rhode Island.  Largely ignored over the course of his life outside the world of the pulps; he has become one of the most influential authors of the early twentieth century...whether you know it or not.  Lack... Continue Reading →

Journey: Frontiers (1983)

Journey: Frontiers (1983) Columbia QC 38504 Side One: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Send Her My Love Chain Reaction After the Fall Faithfully Side Two: Edge of the Blade Troubled Child Back Talk Frontiers Rubicon This is the first album I truly remember listening to all the way through.  It was probably the first time I... Continue Reading →

Machine Monday: Hammonia

The Hammonia was the first European typewriter to be produced in any numbers; however, this machine is scarce today. It was invented by Andrew Hanson of London and covered by a British patent in 1882. H. A. Guhl of Hamburg protected it the following year with a German Patent and produced it in his sewing... Continue Reading →

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