Genesis: …And Then There Were Three (1978)

Genesis:...and then there were three...(1978) Atlantic KSD 19173C Side One: Down And Out Undertow Ballad of Big Snowbound Burning Rope Side Two: Deep in the Motherlode Many Too Many Scenes From a Night's Dream Say It's Alright Joe The Lady Lies Follow You Follow Me ...and then there were three... was Genesis' ninth album and... Continue Reading →

The Police: Synchronicity (1983)

The Police: Synchronicity (1983) A&M SP-3735 Side One: Synchronicity I Walking in Your Footsteps O My God Mother Miss Greadenko Synchronicity II Side Two: Every Breath You Take King of Pain Wrapped Around Your Finger Tea in the Sahara Murder By Numbers (CD & Cassette) Synchronicity was the fifth and final album by The Police.  In... Continue Reading →

Sentridoh: Losercore 7″ (1993)

Sentridoh: Losercore (1993) Smells Like Records: SLR 68 Side One: Losercore Side Two: Really Insane Sometime in late 1992 I was introduced to Sebadoh.  I was a senior in high school and working a part time job.  A co-worker happened to be playing a cassette while working (a no-no as far as company radio... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Evocations: Stay Alive

Stay Alive , "the ultimate survival game", was a game by Milton Bradley first released in 1971.  It was a strategy based game for two to four players, in which players tried to keep their marbles from falling through the holes in the board while attempting to cause the opponent's marbles to fall through. Each... Continue Reading →

Rush: Grace Under Pressure (1984)

Rush: Grace Under Pressure (1984) Mercury 818 476-1 M-1 Side One: Distant Early Warning Afterimage Red Sector A The Enemy Within Side Two: The Body Electric Kid Gloves Red Lenses Between the Wheels Grace Under Pressure is not my favorite Rush album, although I like it immensely.  It also is not the first time I... Continue Reading →

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