Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires Five-Star Review!

Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires got a five-star review on Amazon. You can check it out and pick up your copy here: Fierce Tales: Crumbling Empires


Christmas Sale Ends Tomorrow…

Millhaven Press' Christmas Sale ends tomorrow! Be sure to stock up on great genre fiction anthologies at the discounted prices...Fans of fantasy, horror, crime, mystery, science fiction should give one of our books a look. Available on Amazon and at  

Machine Monday: Caligraph

The Caligraph was the second American typewriter to come on the market, after the Sholes and Glidden / Remington. Like the Remington, the Caligraph is an understroke typebar typewriter; you must lift the carriage in order to see what you have just typed. The Caligraph #1 (1880) types only in capital letters, but subsequent models... Continue Reading →

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