Fierce Tales

Fierce Tales: Savage Lands

The Wizard and the Tower Keep (6x9)cover1

Release: October 2018

The second volume in the Fierce Tales fantasy series explores exotic and dangerous lands.  Follow two down-on-their-luck Vikings as they accept a job from a wizard against their better judgement.  They are tasked with saving a kingdom on a foreign world from a man from the future.  A Vietnam veteran performs secret missions for the government, but when something goes wrong on his latest assignment, he finds himself in a foreign world surrounded by unknown dangers.  An unlikely trio of thieves set out to find a fabled treasure which may not even exist.  An elite group of Roman Legionnaires meet their match when they unwittingly stumble upon a passage to another world.  An interdimensional traveler finds himself in a new world where barbarism and magick rule.  Can he survive in this new land and can he save this new world from the iron rule of an evil wizard?

Stories by: Michael Colangelo, J. Manfred Weichsel, Jeffrey L. Blehar, Misha Burnett, D.R. Lackner

Available on Amazon: Fierce Tales: Savage Lands

Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms

Fierce Tales Shadow Realms Covertext1

Released July 2018

Millhaven is an unusual place. A place where the extraordinary is the ordinary. It is a supernatural place of mystery and wonder. It can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring place, but it can also be a dark place filled with monsters and spirits. The monsters inhabiting Millhaven can take many forms – from gruesome creatures and witches to perfectly average-looking people like you and me. One can never really tell who is who, in the world of Millhaven. The Fierce Tales series will act as your guide through the world of Millhaven, both the magical and the horrific. You will meet heroes and villains from every walk of life. New worlds will open before you in all their dangerous splendor. It is a wondrous and fascinating place…as long as you keep your head about you and follow the rules. Yes, even a place as strange as Millhaven has rules. There are many rules, most you pick up along the way, but there is one rule which must always be followed and never be forgotten. That rule: ALWAYS STAY ON THE PATH. What? You have already broken the most important rule and strayed from the safety of the path? The shadows lurk off the path.

Shadow Realms is the first volume in the Fierce Tales series. Within this volume, you will find nine haunting tales, each relating the ramifications when certain rules are broken. Be they the rules of man, or the rules of nature — violation of the rules is always accompanied by the unearthly consequences.

Stories by: Jo Niederhoff, K.P. Kulski, Anthony Regolino, James Harper, Jimmy Jones, Joshua Hiles, Jeffrey L. Blehar, Nidhi Singh, Dean Wirth

Available on Amazon: Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms


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