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Volume I


Released September 2018

parva seges dum mea satis est… Home Sweet Home is a haunting Millhaven Anthology which proves you can go home again, but you may not want to. Seven new terrifying stories from seven authors new to the world of Millhaven. Leave your sanity at the door and enter a world where anything is possible, including: An ambitious reporter sets out to re-establish his stalled career by exploring one of the most haunted places in the country. A woman travels to a remote island upon her father’s death only to discover the islanders have a secret which is centered around the mysterious Mercy House. A young boy is told to never go into the attic at his grandmother’s house, so naturally, he does… Is a man losing his mind or is there a monster lurking around his house? A foreign restoration firm has begun work on a decaying historic manor house, but what exactly are they up to? A young man returns home to visit his parents, but something isn’t quite right. Finally, A house where death is just a game to the occupants.

Stories by: Billy Lyons, Victoria Dalpe, Patrick Winters, Dan Allen, Alistair Rey, A.K. McCarthy, Nick Manzolillo

Available on Amazon: Home Sweet Home

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