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Millhaven’s Tales of Adventure (Volume I, Issue IV)

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Release: January 2019

Millhaven Tales is back with a new volume of action-packed adventure tales for the winter. Inside you will find nine thrilling adventures which not only cross continents, but cross time as well. These tales span time from the “Dawn of Reason” through modern times…Not only are these tales full of adventure, but they are filled with interesting characters and exotic locales. The stories inside are each unique, but all have that interesting take on the genre which Millhaven Press is known for. You never quite know what you are getting yourself into when you pick up a Millhaven release, so sit back and enjoy the ride…Inside you will find:  1.“The Dawn of Reason/From the Reliquary of Job” by Dan Gallagher  2.“Powder for a Periwig” by Brian Wagstaff  3.“The Strangers” by Jeffrey L. Blehar  4.“Above It All” by Maxine Kollar  5.“Homer & The Painted Lady” by John H. Dromey  6.“The Tale of the Masked King” by Matt Ingoldby  7.“Murder Valley” by Robb White  8.“Dak” by Jimmy Jones  9.“Progress” by Russell Doyle

Available on Amazon here: Millhaven’s Tales of Adventure (Volume I, Issue IV)

Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder (Volume I, Issue I)

Millhaven sci fi cover

Release: April 2018

Eight stories of science fiction and fantasy by previously unpublished or relatively new authors. The first story is a 1950’s style alien visitation story with a truly awkward encounter. Next, is an intriguing story which posits the notion that the afterlife may not be all that different from the world of the living. The third story follows a reclusive hermit. Is he losing his mind, or is he being stalked by a bogeyman out of his childhood? The fourth story follows a ‘shelfer-bot’ on its journey of self-awareness and sexual awakening. Up next is the story of an Egyptian god taking up residence in a fairytale realm. To show his gratitude, he bestows a gift upon the populace, but is the gift a blessing or a curse? The next story focuses on a entomologist on the hunt for an elusive species thought extinct by his colleagues. Unknown to the scientist, this hunter has stumbled into the wrong hunting ground. The penultimate story follows a band of heroes in a fantasy world on a quest to re-write their society’s history. The final story follows an unlikely hero as he attempts to free his world from a cruel, twisted empire bent on domination. Stories by J. Manfred Weichsel, Robert Faulk, Jeffrey L. Blehar, Mason Darling, Felicia Huffman, Russell Doyle, and Tyler J. Ladd

Available on Amazon: Millhaven’s Tales of Wonder (Volume I, Issue I)

Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense (Volume I, Issue II)


Release: July 2018

The second installment of “Millhaven Tales” focuses on crime, mystery, and espionage. This anthology features nine stories of mystery, crime, and espionage. A gang of young thugs get more than they asked for when interrupted by “Old School”. When a friend is charged with murder, can a cupcake baker in sleepy Nantucket discover the identity of the real murderer? An ambitious District Attorney bites off more than he can chew when he takes on a multi-generational crime family. A body discovered at the city zoo leads two detectives to discover there is more going on in their city than either could have imagined (a stand-alone story from the “Books of the Broken” series). A vigilante gets tough with a criminal underworld using a pizza place as a front for their dirty work. Jealousy, revenge, and cheating spouses take center stage in a “Hitchcockian” tale of suspense. A small unit of specialized soldiers save the world in this “alternate reality WWII” story. A story of underworld poker shows you just can’t trust anyone in Millhaven’s first tale from the U.K. The final story, inspired by the cover (or vice versa) is a fitting tribute to the cases of Phillip Marlowe or the Continental Op. Welcome to the world of Millhaven, a sometimes terrifying, somtimes comical place… Stories by: Donnie Swafford Felicia Huffman Jimmy Jones Jeffrey L. Blehar Jon Mollison Duncan Kingsley Charlie Boyles Dave Higgins Mark Gunk Cover by Mark Gunk

Available on Amazon: Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense (Volume I, Issue II)

Tales of Terror (Volume I, Issue III)

Milheavens Tales Of Terror Cover2

Release: October 2018

The third installment of Millhaven Tales focuses on tales of terror. Eleven terrifying tales perfect for the oncoming fall. As the days shorten and the night comes earlier, it is time for chilling stories… These new stories contain the unique, off-center storytelling which is a signature of Millhaven Press. Join us for a stroll in the world of Millhaven — a sometimes comical, sometimes terryfing place.  Stories by: Lee Glenwright, Sergio Palumbo, Damito Huffman, Steven Deighan, Tom Mead, Jeffrey L. Blehar, Donnie Swafford, Jaap Boekestein, Misha Burnett, A.J. Stewart, J. Manfred Weichsel

Available on Amazon: Millhaven’s Tales of Terror (Volume I, Issue III)

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