Nostalgic Evocations: Classic X-Men (1986-1995)

I'm not sure what my first comic books were.  I think I had some older issues of something handed down from an uncle or cousin.  I started collecting new issues sometime in 1986.  Most lines I picked up in progress and tried to get back issues when I could.  I am pretty sure my very... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: Johnny Danger

"The name says it all...and when Mr. and Mrs. Danger brought up little Johnny, they made sure that he grew up honest, smart, and tough!  Whether he's staring down the bad end of a gat, fighting to escape from an opium den, or rescuing a dame who might be an angel or a devil, JOHNNY... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: The Grey Mask

"A dread foreboding of evil!  A beautiful girl plagued by a strange premonition!  A lurking figure drawn by an unseen force to the flickering shadows of the waterfront!  And to all this add THE GREY MASK and his pal, The Dove -- mix well with murderous thugs led by a ruthless criminal operating in the... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: The Black Cobra

“Not even his own superiors at the FBI know that the diligent young agent Steve Drake is the one-man army, BLACK COBRA, who will pit brain and brawn in his never-ending scourge of anyone threatening our star-spangled flag! Whether it's luck, careful planning, or only coincidence, BLACK COBRA has a way of keeping a split-second... Continue Reading →

Influences: Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith (1921-1995) got her start as a comic book story writer.  In 1950 she published Strangers on a Train, one of the great first novels of all time.  Alfred Hitchcock would turn it into one of the top movies of 1951, securing Highsmith's reputation as an author of psychologically complex thriller.  Her short stories... Continue Reading →

Influences: Alex Raymond

Alex Raymond (1909-1956) was an American artist best known for creating Flash Gordon.  Thanks to support from his family, he landed a job as an illustrator in the early 1930's for Tillie the Toiler (the story of a flapper and her career 1921-1959) and Tim Tyler's Luck (an adventure strip centering on the international adventures... Continue Reading →

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