Millhaven Press Online Store Sale continues through the new year!

If you missed the Millhaven Press Christmas Sale, you can still get our releases at a great price at our storenvy online store.  You can find great prices for all of our releases. Millhaven Tales: Millhaven's Tales of Wonder (Volume I, Issue 1) Millhaven's Tales of Suspense (Volume I, Issue 2) Millhaven's Tales of Terror... Continue Reading →

2019 Millhaven Press Release Schedule

2018 was a busy year...too busy.  2019 promises to bring more exciting releases despite a scaled back release schedule. "Millhaven's Tales of Adventure" (Millhaven Tales Volume I, Issue 4) (January 1st) "Cloud of Dust...Cry of Death" (Western/Weird Western Anthology (March 1st) "Millhaven's Tales of Wonder" (Volume II) (April 1st) "Fierce Tales: Lost Worlds" (May 1st)... Continue Reading →

Saturday Spotlight: Assignment to Disaster

Assignment to Disaster Author: Edward S. Aarons Cover Art: ? Originally Published: 1955 Reviewed Edition: Fawcett Gold Medal The Saturday Spotlight this week is the first novel featuring Sam Durell. Durell was the creation of author Edward S. Aarons who featured him in forty-two adventures (Will B. Aarons would pen six additional adventures). Sam Durell was... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: Sam Durrell

"Sam Durell is an agent with the CIA.        Born in southern Louisiana and raised by his grandfather, Jonathan, down in Bayou Peche Rouge 'in the bayou below New Orleans', Durell was taught the self-reliance of the Cajun people. Jonathan had been one of the last of the old-time Mississippi riverboat gamblers, a man 'with shoulders... Continue Reading →

Influences: Joe Archibald

Joe Archibald (1898-1986) is remembered for his heroic sports stories and daredevil fighter pilot stories, but he wrote in other genres as well.  One of the most prolific of the pulp writers, Archibald was a pragmatist. He knew if he could conquer multiple genres, he could find his name as a regular contributor to many... Continue Reading →

Influences: Graham Greene

Henry Graham Greene (1904-1991) was the "breakthrough" writer.  He managed to walk that thin line between the pulps and literary acclaim that nearly all pulp writers failed to accomplish while they were alive.  He drew the line himself, referring to his work as either 'entertainments' (thrillers) or 'novels' (literary works).  He brought a Catholic perspective... Continue Reading →

Influences: Walter B. Gibson

Walter Brown Gibson (1897-1985) was a professional magician, better known by his pen name -- Maxwell Grant.  Gibson wrote some crime stories as a side-gig for his day job, which was reporter and crossword puzzle writer.  He was approached to produce a series of print stories centering around the character of The Shadow.  The Shadow,... Continue Reading →

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