The Millhaven Press Christmas sale happening through Christmas Day

Christmas is quickly sure to check out the big sale on Millhaven's releases on Amazon and at If you enjoy action filled adventures, epic fantasy, chilling tales of terror, or imaginative sci-fi, then Millhaven Press is for you.

Influences: John Brunner

John Brunner (1934-1995) began working as an author  by turning out some well-written, but not very original space operas.  By the late 1960's he had begun experimenting with novel structures.  Many of his novels written in the 1970's are almost prescient, hitting on the idea of computer viruses, and environmental concerns bordering on catastrophes.  In... Continue Reading →

Influences: A. Bertram Chandler

Arthur Bertram Chandler (1912-1984) was a merchant mariner turned science fiction writer.  He used his experiences at sea in his writing which gave his deep space adventures a dose of realism unlike many of his contemporaries. He is most well known for his Rim World series and John Grimes novels, both of which have a... Continue Reading →

Dune: The Expanded Saga

Earlier today, I wrote about Frank Herbert's genius as a writer.  Much of which centers around the Dune universe he so meticulously created.  I was going to leave it at that...but I couldn't let sleeping dogs lie.  I spent some time thinking about the Dune universe Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson continued. Some hate the... Continue Reading →

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