Nostalgic Evocations: G.I. Joe (1983)

in 1983, Hasbro made a monumental change in the G.I. Joe toy line.  They added swivel arms.  It may not seem like much, but for a kid this was huge.  It was such a major improvement that all the original line was released with the improved arms.  Hasbro also added another group of figures and... Continue Reading →

Influences: A. Bertram Chandler

Arthur Bertram Chandler (1912-1984) was a merchant mariner turned science fiction writer.  He used his experiences at sea in his writing which gave his deep space adventures a dose of realism unlike many of his contemporaries. He is most well known for his Rim World series and John Grimes novels, both of which have a... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: Sam Durrell

"Sam Durell is an agent with the CIA.        Born in southern Louisiana and raised by his grandfather, Jonathan, down in Bayou Peche Rouge 'in the bayou below New Orleans', Durell was taught the self-reliance of the Cajun people. Jonathan had been one of the last of the old-time Mississippi riverboat gamblers, a man 'with shoulders... Continue Reading →

Influences: Joe Archibald

Joe Archibald (1898-1986) is remembered for his heroic sports stories and daredevil fighter pilot stories, but he wrote in other genres as well.  One of the most prolific of the pulp writers, Archibald was a pragmatist. He knew if he could conquer multiple genres, he could find his name as a regular contributor to many... Continue Reading →

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