Christmas Sale is Underway at Millhaven Press.

All of our releases are on sale at amazing prices through Christmas Day!  Fans of genre fiction should take advantage of this huge sale... Fierce Tales: Savage Lands Fierce Tales: Shadow Realms Nighthawks: A Book of the Broken (1) Devlin: A Book of the Broken (2) Home Sweet Home

Excerpt from “Millhaven’s Tales of Terror” (From “Coffee Stains” by Steven Deighan)

Lisa stood behind the brown wooden desk at the counter, once again lost in thoughts.  This time, however, they didn’t concern clocks or soldiers.  No, her distracted fascination centered on the ‘horror fiction’ area of the library.  Few libraries separately sectioned their horror books.  This genre was normally located within the fiction sector.  In the... Continue Reading →

Influences: Graham Greene

Henry Graham Greene (1904-1991) was the "breakthrough" writer.  He managed to walk that thin line between the pulps and literary acclaim that nearly all pulp writers failed to accomplish while they were alive.  He drew the line himself, referring to his work as either 'entertainments' (thrillers) or 'novels' (literary works).  He brought a Catholic perspective... Continue Reading →

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