Saturday Spotlight: Assignment to Disaster

Assignment to Disaster Author: Edward S. Aarons Cover Art: ? Originally Published: 1955 Reviewed Edition: Fawcett Gold Medal The Saturday Spotlight this week is the first novel featuring Sam Durell. Durell was the creation of author Edward S. Aarons who featured him in forty-two adventures (Will B. Aarons would pen six additional adventures). Sam Durell was... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Heroes: Sam Durrell

"Sam Durell is an agent with the CIA.        Born in southern Louisiana and raised by his grandfather, Jonathan, down in Bayou Peche Rouge 'in the bayou below New Orleans', Durell was taught the self-reliance of the Cajun people. Jonathan had been one of the last of the old-time Mississippi riverboat gamblers, a man 'with shoulders... Continue Reading →

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