“Wild Frontiers: Nine Stories of the West” — The Millhaven Press anthology that wasn’t…

Abstruse Press has a great western anthology released today in Paperback and in E-Book (for Kindle) on Amazon. I am generously given editing credit for the work, but Dave Higgins did the lion's share of the work.  Basically, the anthology started out as a Millhaven Press Project under the title of "Cloud of Dust...Cry of Death" some... Continue Reading →

2019 Millhaven Press Release Schedule

2018 was a busy year...too busy.  2019 promises to bring more exciting releases despite a scaled back release schedule. "Millhaven's Tales of Adventure" (Millhaven Tales Volume I, Issue 4) (January 1st) "Cloud of Dust...Cry of Death" (Western/Weird Western Anthology (March 1st) "Millhaven's Tales of Wonder" (Volume II) (April 1st) "Fierce Tales: Lost Worlds" (May 1st)... Continue Reading →

Influences: Frederick Schiller Faust

Frederick Schiller Faust(1892 — 1944) was an American author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns. Faust wrote mostly under pen names, but today is primarily known by only one, Max Brand. Others include George Owen Baxter, George Evans, David Manning, John Frederick, Peter Morland, George Challis, and Frederick Frost. During the 1910s, Faust... Continue Reading →

Influences: Joe Archibald

Joe Archibald (1898-1986) is remembered for his heroic sports stories and daredevil fighter pilot stories, but he wrote in other genres as well.  One of the most prolific of the pulp writers, Archibald was a pragmatist. He knew if he could conquer multiple genres, he could find his name as a regular contributor to many... Continue Reading →

Millhaven Press is looking for 3 more westerns for next year’s anthology…

Millhaven Press is looking for three more short stories for an upcoming Western themed anthology due out in late Spring '19. What we want: Stories featuring Revenge, Boomtowns, Outlaw Gangs, Posses, Range Wars...essentially, tough people in a tough land. We also want "Weird Westerns"...Paranormal, Post-Apocalyptic, Alternate History...all are welcome. There is no closing deadline for... Continue Reading →

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